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Warm Fuzzies
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The Rules are simple and if abuse occurs you will be banned.

Post your praise and love for your fellow man. Give someone a warm fuzzy. Tell the world who you "whoreship."
Try to keep the compliments IC, if you think someone is a brilliant player, praise how they write and what they do. Praise someone for being a friend. For doing you or others favours. For being an outstanding person in the IC world. Be creative, be real or be cryptic..it's up to you.

Mushiness and Love are welcome, but please do not saturate us with the "whoreship" of one person. Look around and find good deeds... who deserves a compliment? Who could use a boost? Who would you like to pimp? Who's hot in bed? WE WANT TO KNOW!

Please do not use criticism, abuse, animadversion, backbiting, backhanded compliments, calumny, defamation, detraction, dirty digs, dumps, hits, invectiveness, knocks, libel, obloquy, put-downs, rap, slams, slander, smears, vituperation.
This goes for the comments as well