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i just found this here community so i figured i'd test it out and increase my chances of getting some lovin' tonight

honestly now. who couldn't love that face? just look at him! sigh. that's the face of a supermodel's boyfriend or something

...this was just too fun to watch, i had to share

always been one of my favourites. old and simple, but oh so good.

and i had to end with one of both of us. but i got lazy of looking so it's a bad quality picture. sorry folks. it's cute anyway

so many nights, i asked the Lord above
please make me lucky enough
to find a love that lingers

something keeps telling me that you could be my answered prayer
you must be heaven sent, i swear

something happens when you look at me
i forget to speak
something happens when you kiss my mouth
my knees get so weak
could it be true, this is what God has meant for me?
cause baby i can't believe
something like you could happen to me
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